Arava Aromatherapy Medicated, Antibacterial, Antifungal, Anti ITCH Dog Shampoo, Natural, Healthy Skin & Coat First Aid in Hot Spots, Scrapes, Abrasions & Dermatologic Infections. Bio Care Pet Therapy

Keep your dog's skin and coat healthy and free of sores and hot spots with a safe, natural and powerful shampoo designed for pets.

Just like us, our dogs' skin and coats are their protection from infection, dehydration, bug bites, and even sun damage. That's why it's important to keep their skin moisturized and their coat clean and healthy with Arava Intensive Bio-Care Dog Shampoo. Better than oatmeal shampoos and oils that only handle a single problem, our nano-emulsion system offers multi-functional skin and coat support without removing the natural protects your pet's skin and coat.

Reduce Dandruff and Improve Coat Manageability

You've no doubt seen your dog scratch their ears or lick a sore spot on their leg and thought, "what can I do to help them?" That's because as a responsible pet owner, you want to give them the very best. Our powerful, natural, medicated formula helps reduce skin irritations caused by bug bites, hot spots, dryness and more, while also improving hair volume, shine and manageability. Better yet, it can start working after a single bath.

If you're ready to improve your pet's skin and coat, give them the very best pet medicated shampoo and conditioner available; give them Arava Intensive Bio-Care Dog Shampoo.

Product Details: Medicated Shampoo All-Natural, Healthy Formula 26 Dead Sea Enriched-Minerals 28 Active Botanical Ingredients Free of SLS, Parabens, Sulfates and Dyes Cleans, Protects and Fortifies MSDS Tested and FDA Certified

For Best Results: Leave shampoo on your pet's body for a least 8 minutes before rinsing. Follow up with Itchless & Hot Spots Relief Therapy Conditioner or Itchless & Hot Spots Relief Therapy Black Mud for advanced relief.

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