Cat Catnip Toys, Zuoao Catnip Sticks Natural Silver Vine Cat Chew Toy 6-pieces in Pack

How to Use:
1). Peel off the skin with a knife, exposing the white.
2). Tease your cat like a cat wand , or just throw it to your cat to play with it.
3). After a period of using, cut off the outer layer again to refresh the potency.

Warm Tips:
1). Don't worry when you cat shows a excited state as rolling around the catnip stick, it will recover to normal state within 20-30 min.
2). Recommend to use it 2-3 times per week for adult cat, one stick per time.

Dimensions: 16 * 3cm ( L * D)
Weight: 10 g /piece * 6
Material: Silver vine (Actinidia polygama)

Package Content:
6 x Catnip sticks