Just the Crystals Premium Crystal Cat Litter Absorbs More, Lasts Longer, Fragrance Free, Best Odor Control. Your Cat Deserves the Best!

You care about what's best for your cat and look for the healthiest, safest and most nutritious food. Why compromise when it comes to the quality of your litter? Beyond your cat's health, remember it also uses the box and then walks around your house, on your furniture, in your bed. Your choice of litter shouldn't just be based on price, but more importantly on performance for both you and your cat! Just the Crystals has the highest rated absorbency of any crystal litter on the market, and due to their premium quality and convenient packaging these crystals continue to be the favorite of many cat owners, over many years developing a strong and loyal following (as you can see by the sheer volume of our reviews). Just the Crystals brand was developed by cat owners for cat owners. Unlike cheaper brands these premium crystals are the optimum size for maximum absorbency so last longer and absorb better. Typically cheaper brands are either a fine sand that turns to sludge (and smells) in short order, or else extremely large crystals (like small rocks!) that also don't absorb well and track all over. We don't resort to fragrances to cover odors as we feel people should walk into your home and not even know there's a litter box, as opposed to smelling some chemical "masking" fragrance throughout your home. Please visit our website for more details, including our direct contact info should you have any questions at all – we pride ourselves on our customer service!