KONG Tug Toy Dog Toy, Red

Tugging is one of a dog's most instinctive activities. In the wild, it's an important part of how packmates feed cooperatively, and in domesticated environments, it's a great energy expender for the active, playful canine. But it's important to carefully control when, how, and where a dog plays tug with a human. One of the most crucial factors is to have a toy dedicated to the game, so dogs won't think it's OK to start tugging on your socks or the leash. With this innovative, dual-material toy, Kong brings their legendary quality and durability to the game of tug. Flexible and super-strong grips are made from Kong's proprietary rubber formulation, while the rings feature durable nylon construction. Original "Control-Flex" technology prevents the toy from snapping back into one of the players' faces, promoting a safe, controlled version of a game that can sometimes get out of hand. The Kong tug measures 16-1/4 by 5-1/2 by 3/4 inches and is suitable for all sizes and breeds. –Mary Park